Help you Choose the Right Window Coverings.

Faux Blind
                   Faux wood blinds have the look & feel of real wood blinds and are more economical. They are great where humidity is present such as kitchen, bathroom, sauna and swimming pools. These blinds are low maintenance  and washable. Faux wood will not crack or warp.There is nothing like real wood but faux wood blinds are great substitute.

Real Wood Blinds
                                  Nothing beats Real Wood Blinds. They are rich lustrously warm and add charm to any home.
When selecting a wood blind, make sure it is made with real Basswood that is kiln dried & has ultra violet coating on them so it will last long time. To help the environment, select wood blinds made from 100% non-rain forest basswood.
Things you should consider when choosing  wood blinds , as they come in one or two inch slats: one inch slats take too much to stack where as two inch slats uses half the stacking height because is thicker than aluminum.

Hobbled Shades
                               Generously sized overlapping folds, these are rich fashionable, old style charm & romantic….gently draped, specially woven fabrics add rich looking as custom drapes. But any good draper fabrics can be used. They are really a truly sophisticated finished look.  You also buy these with solar coated fabrics or basket weave solar mesh.

Roman Shades Flat 
                                     Roman shades are also most luxurious window treatment.  Roman shades will give the look that will complement any room's decor, adding more sophistication to any room. They also form an elegant valance when raised. They provide privacy while still allowing light to filter through and black out.
Roman shades are the hottest trend in window treatments, depending on the fabric you choose they also add an extra Insulating factor, which helps in saving on heating & air-conditioning costs. .  You also buy these with solar coated fabrics or basket weave solar mesh.

Light Filtering Roman Shades.
                                                        These use solar mesh & solar coated fabrics. In both designs Flat or Hobbled style.

                    It’s simply the queen of Window Shades giving a room beauty and sheer wonder. The translucent sheer fabric vanes of Magisheer window coverings can be positioned at any angle of your choice or can be fully raised to get full view of the outside. Magisheer’s soft non-fray fabric provides translucency, opaqueness and blackout properties; together it sings a duet of beauty, elegance and style. They are ideal for any room as the soft appearance helps to uplift your interior and give it an airy look, yet its sturdy material achieves the yin yang effect for interior design. Light diffusing vanes and double sheer fabrics blend to create a unique visual experience. Magisheer are beautiful and functional, yet very low maintenance also they disappear into its own built-in valance, therefore very desirable for decorative purposes.
Magisheer disappears   into its own cassette with built in valance which can be covered with fabric to add more sophisticated finished look.  This shade features 2’’ or 3’’ horizontal fabric vanes that float between two layers of soft, knitted fabric sheers revealing a veiled view to the outside when open and full privacy when closed. The vanes glide effortlessly from open to closed. There are always gaps on both side of the shade when mounted inside the window and is operated by looped cord which let you raise or stop at any position. Magisheer are perfect for any décor. These delicate window shading will enhance any room providing light & privacy when needed.
This product is compared to the Silhouette or Vienna. 

Pleated shade
                            What are Pleated Shades? A pleated shade is a single layer of fabric material that is pressed into crisp pleats where the end result is an accordion looking material when viewed from the end. The fabric is made of 100% polyester and come in Translucent, Dim out, Flame Retardant and solar coating to block UV rays.  Pleated shades are offered in a variety of patterns, textures and an array of colors. Our pleated shades combine fashion and functionality. Limitless possibilities from specialty shades to privacy liners added to fabrics. Pleated shades are ideal for providing light filtering control, privacy and sun control, they are also great for any room where you need more light while keeping your privacy. Pleated shades bring hundreds of versatile, fashionable fabrics and colors to your windows. They are constructed from a single layer of pleated material, with optional backings for added privacy and energy efficiency. The array of fabrics offers opacities from sheer to room darkening, as well as the widest range of Colors, textures, and patterns in the industry.
If you want a product that is similar to pleated shades but has no visible cord holes and have a better insulation rating, take a look at Cellular Shades.

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