If you love French doors and are looking for window treatments you have come the experts. Blinds for French doors can be difficult to find due to the shape of the door, position of the handle and finding a balance between light control and privacy. Bravo Cellular Door Shades are specially designed for French doors. Our Cordless Cellular French Door Blinds come in variety of colours and semi-opaque and blackout materials. Semi-Opaque shades provide privacy and light filtering thus, creating a special ambiance where they are used. Opaque shades provide blackout great for bedrooms so that you can sleep tight. Top down Bottom Up Cellular French Door Shades are great because you can position them in any arrangement in the window thus giving you a great view from the top or bottom of the window. Bravo Cellular French Door Blinds will stop the harmful damaging rays from destroying you hardwood floors, carpets & furniture. Let us at Bravo help you find the perfect French door coverings! Bravo Cellular Shades especially designed for the following uses: * Any window, French doors, Boats, Motor Homes, Aircrafts, etc.

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